List of the club trophies.

100 Cup

any nominated 100 event.

25 cup

any nominated 25 event

50 cup

any nominated 50 event


7 points for first, 5 for the second place, 3 for third, 1 for everyone else in the group, ranked by time. Groups decided by first 3 times trails of the year.

1 trophy per a group from points added up over the year on counting 7531 events. 

Groups are Blue, Red, Green & Yellow.

Abergavenny & back

Fastest Ross rider

Ben Wayle

2 trophies - event winner and first Ross rider

Cross Ash

Hilly 25. Fastest Ross rider Man and Woman

Don Woodman

Fastest Ross rider in club open 25

Hall trophy

At discretion J & A Hall

Handicap 10

based on seasons best times

Hill Climb

Alt Baugh

Jack Morgan

Fastest Ross rider on Walford (nominated)

Jenifer Hill Trophy

Best female based on points gained over the season during our club events.

1 point for all club 10’s including Boxing day 10 (1 point for riding at 2 up, solo or team, no PB’s will be set or counted).

 The first ride of the season on the course doesn’t count as PB, just the base time.

No events that use the A40.

Double points for Hill climb, Long Hill Climb, Cross Ash, Ledbury & Back, Marcle Circuits and Vintage Tankard.

Bonus point for every season PB gained on Walford and Old Gore. 

Resets each year.

If the person win BAR, the award goes to second place.

Junior BAR

2 club 10s from 16th birthday to 31st Dec year of 18th birthay

Junior tourist trophy

Juvenile BAR

2 club 10s up to 16th birthday (a juvenile may compete as a junior)

KM Sprint

Fastest rider

Ladies' cup

1 25 and 2 best club 10s. If no 25 then 2 best 10's

Matthews cup

Fastest vet on standard in Ross open

Riders Rider

club vote at AGM

Senior BAR

Average time over 10,25,50 club events (incl. club open 25 + nominated 25’s)

The entertainment trophy

Awarded for the most spectacular crash or humorous moment

Tourist trophy

Vets BAR

Club 50, 25, 10 - winner is person exceeding vets standard by largest amount.