Holly Run

Holly Run

16th December 2017

10:40 - 21:00

The Hostelrie Goodrich


04/12/2017 00:00 AM


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As many of you know the Holly run is our Christmas ride where we have a steady social ride to suit everyone with a couple of pubs stops finishing at a pub to have a Christmas meal.

This year's edition is on Saturday 16th December 2017 with 40 miles and 6 pub stops.  We will be finishing at the Hostelrie in Goodrich, where the ride will end. 

More information on the meal & route is below. 


John Kyle - out the front, lots of space. Leaving at 10:45 latest.  

If you have signed up, it is expected that you will show up for the meal. To cancel you will need to contact the Hostelrie directly and let them know. The signup for the meal is now closed.




GPX Download / TCX Download

Total Distance: 40 miles / 1075 meters ascent / 4 pub stops

Please don't panic if that sounds a lot, we have 4 stops. And the pace will be to suit everyone. 

  • 8.6 miles - stop (Penny Farthing)
  • 13.5 miles - stop (Fountain)
  • 3.8 miles - stop (Ostrich)
  • 5.3 miles - stop (New Inn)
  • 6.8 miles - finish
Lights will be needed. You may wish to also bring a lock
Please take care and caution, and respect other road users and the highway code. Remember you will be riding under Ross CC so please don't give the club a bad name. 

If you can see the group getting big and cars are behind, please drop back and create a gap for cars to go into. There will be some selected riders in the group to help with this. 

Note - Alternative routes will be used if the weather is icy, some roads are not gritted.

Stops (click for maps)

  1. The Penny Farthing, Ashton Crews
  2. The Fountain, Parkend
  3. The Ostrich, Newland
  4. The New Inn, Shortstanding


We will be 30 minutes per a pub plus based on a  12mph avg speed to get us to the Hostelrie by 17:00 latest. Lights will be needed as sunset is set for 15:59. Schedule set to slowest times we need to be there by. 

Our first pub opens 11:30.

  • 10:35 - Meeting 
  • 10:45 - Departure
  • 11:30 - Arrival at the Penny Farthing, Ashton Crews
  • 12:00 - Departure
  • 13:15 - Arrival The Fountain, Parkend
  • 13:45 - Departure
  • 14:40 - Arrival at The Ostrich, Newland
  • 15:10 - Departure
  • 15:45- Arrival at The New Inn, Shortstanding
  • 16:15 - Departure
  • 16:35 - Arrival at The Hostelrie, Goodrich


There will no longer be awards but please feel free to dress up bike/rider and even Christmas jumper. Tis the season after all. 

What do I need to bring on the day?

  • Pocket money for drinks on route (most pubs do take cards, but cash is easier with a lot of us). 
  • Pay for your meal on the day (£20) - The hostile take visa, MasterCard debit and credit, including contactless. American Express looks like also included
  • Dress up your bike and/or you
  • Bring your Christmas jumper
  • Lights - it may be dark or getting dark on the arrival at 17:00
  • Road sense, don't forget safety is the most important rule of the day.